Fairy Gardens, Cultural Barns, and the Petőfi's Pear Tree Network are glad to see You here! 

Community and fun.  A lot of story - and history. Tradition, and knowledge. Browse events, visit fairs, try arts and crafts, and listen to concerts! Dance, or visit cross-art performances -  choose from a hundred scenes, a hundred Cultural Barns - all around the Carpathian Basin!

Wandering among the Fairy Gardens started by Gyula Kovács, a forester from Göcsej, you can get to know our native fruit trees and the history of Hungarian varieties. In the irreplaceable gardens that preserve traditions, you can meet dedicated guardians of Hungarian culture in the Carpathian Basin.

Petőfi's pear trees invite you on a journey through local and cultural history; the communities collecting the most characteristic fruit trees and ethnographic heritage of their own villages present the micro-historical values of our national culture and the curiosities of our agricultural history, from Hungarian silkworm breeding through the history of the fight against the phylloxera epidemic, which completely reshaped grape culture all around the world, to the myths surrounding Petőfi and his wanderings.

And most importantly, you will find community here. A community that preserves its values, gladly shares its knowledge and is welcoming and open, happy you have found your way here, virtually, and hopefully one day in person too!

The program, established with the joint support of the National Cultural Fund’s Temporary College of Hungarian Genius Programme, the Foundation for Hungarian Culture, and the Petőfi Cultural Agency, is focused on the Carpathian Basin. 

Please feel free to explore!